Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Circle Time

We have really been enjoying our circle times, the little ones have even started asking to do it again during the day.  We currently do ours after breakfast.  We keep it pretty short  as to keep two toddlers' attention,  We begin every circle, all year long, with:

 Good Morning Dear Earth, 
Good Morning Dear Sun,
Good Morning to the Trees,
And the Flowers Everyone.

Good Morning Dear Beast,
and the Birds in the Trees,
Good Morning to You,
and Good Morning to Me.

Then we change up our body with one song, one verse and one finger play weekly.  I use Little Acorn Learning's Monthly guides.  Last week's had a sheep theme, so we sang Mary Had a Little Lamb. then recited Ba Ba Black Sheep, then did a little finger play from Little Acorn Learning's January guide about sheep.

We end with this sweet little verse again not switching it out all year:

Rufty and Tufty were two little elves
Who lived in a hollow oak tree
They did all the cooking and cleaning themselves
And often asked friends in to tea.
Rufty wore blue, and Tufty wore red,
And each had a hat with a feather,
Their best Sunday shoes they kept under the bed -
They were made of magic green leather.
Rufty was clever and kept the accounts,
But Tufty preferred to do cooking.
He could make a fine cake without weighing amounts -
And eat it when no one was looking!
Isabell Hempseed

Then we either go on a little walk or set up a walk in our living room, by draping a green silk over the table to be a bush to climb under, laying a blue silk on the floor as a stream to jump over or something fun like "Jack be Nimble, Jack be Quick" by making a pile of red orange and yellow silks to be the flame of the candle stick.  

Oh and here is a little pocket I made for our weather gnomes to keep by the front door so the children can check the weather and choose the correct gnome for the day to be placed on our nature table.  We are still working on learning the correct symbols.  I think I will needle felt something onto the pocket as soon as I think of a design.  

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