Thursday, February 21, 2013

Happy 2nd Birthday Eoghan

Oh my what a fun Birthday week we have had.  Eoghan turned two on Sunday but we celebrated with out friends and family on Saturday. I had hoped to have an outdoor party as we had 19 children and 15 adults RSVP'd to celebrate with us (Yikes!) but we awoke to freezing rain which later turned into snow flurries.  It looked like an indoor party was our only option.

The them of the party was Jack and the Beanstalk,  Do to limited space, I set up the story in the bed of our wagon and kept it hidden in another room until it was story time, the wagon worked great!

I apologize for the blurry photos, my mother was the photographer for the day, as I had my hands full.

Sitting on Grandpa's lap.

enjoying some fruit

Singing the "Happy Song" as my little ones call "Happy Birthday"

He was able to blow out the "Fire Faeries" all by himself this year, I guess all the practicing with our meal time candles paid off!

We dyed playsilks in our magic pots as one of the party favors

Everyone left with a little gift bag

that contained a knit chicken with a golden egg and some honey sticks (it really isn't a golden goose in Jack in the Beanstalk I promise).

We celebrated at home the next day, here is a photo of Eoghan playing with his Rainbow Bridge story.

and blowing out candles again (his favorite part).

And one more celebration at Playgarden, this time the Rainbow Story was a version told and written by Ms. Lisa.

We are looking forward to one last celebration when "out of town" Grandma comes to stay with us for the weekend.

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