Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Our Holiday Season has Begun

We celebrate Winter Solstice instead of Christmas in our home, so we begin Advent a week earlier so we too have four Sundays before Solstice.  This is our little advent wreath, looking a little bare as we celebrate the mineral kingdom.  

 I have been telling the children a short little story about these gnomes noticing it has grown cold and dark outside as if the sun has gone to sleep, the gnomes are sad and miss the sun's beautiful warmth and light but one day while walking along a stony path they discover a crystal that glimmers, the gnomes recognize the light from the sun and know that soon the sun will wake up and shine bright for them again. In the meantime the gnomes take the crystal into their home and light candles waiting for the sun's return.
Looking for sparkly rocks that contain the light of the sun

Eoghan found one!

Kiera found two!  We brought them in and added them to our advent bowl.
We went to our local botanical garden's festival of lights.  The theme this year was East meets West.  The Chinese Dragon was a truly beautiful display.

Gourds in the garden


All bundled up and we picked up a hitch hiking friend, Anelie.

Origami cranes

Part of a beautiful story land inspired by "The Empty Pot"

Listening to the garden fairies tell the story of The Empty Pot

a beautiful replica of the children's treehouse in the Children's Garden
It was a lovely evening and a beautiful way to begin our holiday season.  What special events do you have planned to celebrate?  I would love to hear some ideas!


  1. What wonderful ways to celebrate the season, the gardens look so magical with their pretty lights.

  2. I love their little hats. What pattern is it?

  3. What a wonderful start to advent, love all the lights in the botanical gardens, the tree house is amazing!

  4. What a great way to kick off Advent.

  5. It actually is not a pattern, its super simple rectangle, stitched up the back with Icords attached, I do a knit 3 purl 3 border for about 8 rows at the top and continue on both edges to keep it from rolling up.