Monday, October 29, 2012

Hurricane Sandy

We are gearing up for the arrival of Hurricane Sandy today around lunch time, I have tried to get the littles outside as much as possible before she arrives because they are predicting she'll be around for a couple of days, and hurricane winds in the deep deep woods is just not good news, we lost our shed in a hurricane earlier this year when a very large oak tree came crashing down.
The Weather Faeries checking to see if it is safe to go play this morning.

Looks good just a little wet, but not too much wind

Play is such important work for children, I do not keep all of their toys in their rooms or just in the playroom, there are lovely things to be played with in every room of the house, but our sun room, has become the only place in the house dedicated to play.  I snapped a few photos of our little room to show where we will be spending the next few days as we ride out the hurricane.
a few Steiner dolls 
the children's playstand, with
baskets of musical items, blocks, felt balls,
 playsilks and a few other goodies.

Baby Nigel and his little dragon waiting
to go for a ride in the wagon.
The children's table and chairs I leave the silk
and fruit bowl set
up for them unless we are doing arts
 and crafts then the table is covered in smock cloth.

One of the bookcases in the playroom, mostly housing elemental stackers and wooden fruits and vegetable for chopping stored in the basket in the corner.

Our very loved and often used play kitchen
a few additional shelves in the room

I hope everyone stays safe, and Sandy passes quickly, I'll be sitting on the comfy green couch in our playroom working on a purple plain pickles vest.


  1. such a beautiful space you have here! I esp. love all of your little shelves! Are the stackers from clickety clack on etsy? I love their work!
    Much love to you--- we are in southeastern PA and we're bracing for the storm here, as well....

  2. Rebecca,
    They are indeed from Clickety Clack, I too love their work! I so hope you and your family are safe.