Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Pumpkin Patch

Oh what a beautiful day we had!  After school we met up with a group of friends to visit a local pumpkin Patch,

We had a picnic when we arrived.

Took a hayride. where we got to see bee hives, turkeys, and drove through a corn field, and the pumpkin patches.

Then we got to wonder around the farm and pick pumpkins.

There was an option to drive through  a haunted barn on the hayride but we opted out, fearful it would scare the littles, much to our surprise they had no fear of any of the Halloween decorations and ended up playing in the haunted barn!

There was a cute little farm stand too, with some old tractors the kids could play on, we got 12 mini pumpkins for $5.50 which we have put all around the house!

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