Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Re-evaluating Rhythm

We have a wonderful rhythm that has worked for the last year or so for us beautifully, but as the littles are getting older I am finding they need less nap time, and we have been spending much more time away from home.  So I have decided to make some changes to incorporate their changing needs.

At 20 and 24 months old, I don't believe we are ready for a home school curriculum learning, exploring, and helping at home is our curriculum. However I ordered Little Acorn Learning's October 5 day program which came with their daily guide.  I cannot tell you how happy I am that I ordered this program the daily guide is incredibly thorough and just what I was looking for, the 5 day program is geared more towards the 3-6 year-old age group in my opinion but is easily adaptable for younger children and I look forward to revisiting it with them next year when some of the stories and games are more age appropriate.

Wednesday is Coloring Day according to the guide so while I prepared breakfast I gave the littles their crayon rocks to color.  Usually we have free play while I prepare breakfast, I liked having them color at the table in their highchairs better, because usually we are seperated by the baby gate, they play in the living room while I am in the kitchen, we've had a few close calls reaching for pots on the stove and opening the oven door that I am not yet comfortable with them roaming free in the kitchen while I am cooking.
After breakfast we went on a nature walk, I gave both of them a tote bag and told them to collect sticks so I could make them a new toy.  They had so much fun stuffing their bags with sticks! Honestly, I think the stick hunt went over better than the toy!  After collecting a bag full of sticks, and a bunch of acorns for the squirrels we returned home.  

While they napped I fashioned the sticks into these cute little boats inspired by a craft in Little Acorn Learning's Guide.

I am looking forward to crafting and games day tomorrow.

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