Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Keep Calm Craft On

Linking with Nicole at Frontier Dream's "Keep Calm Craft On" linkup.  Here is what I am currently working on:
 A few little holiday gnomes to tuck inside little stockings.  I am thinking these will make cute little Saint Nicholas presents to tuck into the children's shoes on December 6th. 

One of the things I really enjoy about handmaking not only gifts but our seasonal decorations, is I tend to feel the spirit of the holiday or season longer, although my days are spent celebrating Fall, my favorite season of the year, and the house is decked out in Fall's beauty. Today we made leaf wands with fallen leaves tied to string on a stick and sang, " The Red Leaves are Falling Down" song Meanwhile my evening has been spent knitting by the fire thinking about decorations and gifts for our Winter Holidays.  

Here a few of the knitting projects I've been working at by the fire: the cream colored square will be added to a patchwork blanket I am making for Eoghan, after this square I only have two more to go, then I am going to whip stitch them all together with a blanket stitched border.  I had planned on making both of the littles a blanket for Yule this year, but I am already feeling the holiday crunch.  Kiera's might be a little late, luckily at 2 years old I doubt she will mind too terribly.

 The grey knitting is the body to a backpack for Madeline, that will match the little felted iPhone case I just finished for her.  At 17 she is less than thrilled about the idea of handmade gifts this year, but I think she will actually like and use these.

Slowly but surely I am marking things off of my list.  I am glad that I have figured out what to give everyone, I just need a few more hours in the day for handwork!  Perhaps next year will be the year I actually start early enough to not feel stressed about getting everything done in time.  Oh well, I do what I can do, and enjoy the process.

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