Sunday, November 11, 2012

Martinmas Walk Part 2

A collection of lanterns made by the Waldorf homeschool kids (and parents)

We were lucky enough to have two lantern walks to attend this year.   We attended a large formal one with our local Waldorf school on Friday and a much more intimate one with the local Waldorf homeschool group tonight.

We gathered early to make lanterns for those who did not already have one, the rest of the kids were able to run around and play in the yard while we waited.  There was a table with hot apple cider, hot chocolate, cookies, cakes and home made granola bars to share. While we worked Miss Lisa, one of the homeschooling mamas shared the story of Saint Martin with the children.

Once it started to get dark, we sung "I Go Outside with My Lantern" and walked around the neighborhood.  I'm sure our sweet little procession was quite the sight for the neighbors!

"I go outside with my lantern,
My lantern goes with me.
Above me shine the stars so bright,
own here on earth shine we.
So shines my light,
In the still dark night.
La bimme, la bamma, la boom,
boom, boom.

'Neath heavens dome,
'til we go home.
La bimme, la bamma, la boom,
boom, boom."

I hope everyone had a beautiful Martinmas, we sure did it was 75 degrees here today!

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