Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Sweet Porridge

I had an abundance of fresh veggies this week, more than we could eat before they would go bad, so we invited our friends over to share in am impromptu lunch time feast.  We had 15 bean chili with an assortment of roasted peppers and heirloom tomatoes, a mix of rosemary roasted root vegetables, braised fennel bulbs, kale onion bok choy cooked slow cooked in a veggie broth and a cranberry ginger apple pear compote and one of our friends brought delicious pumpkin muffins. I must have used over 20 different varities of fruits and veggies for our feast and a grand feast it was!

We told the children the Grimm's fairytale, Sweet Porridge, using the little figures below.
A little girl and her mother lived in the deep deep woods and they had nothing to eat, the little girl desperate to find food ventured out into the woods but found nothing, until she met an old woman with a magical cooking pot.  "Cook pot, cook" and the pot made a wonderfully sweet porridge, the little girl ate her fill and then said "Stop pot, stop" and it did.  The little girl brought the pot home to her mother but one day when the girl was out the mother became hungry and said, "Cook pot, cook."and it did, it cooked so much food it began to flow into the streets and on to the village, the mother did not know how to stop the pot from cooking and the village had overflowed with food.  The little girl came home just in time and commanded the pot to stop.  But if anyone wanted to visit the village they would have to eat there way through.

I explained to the children that I too had a magic pot and it had made too much food, so if they wanted to visit us in the deep deep woods, they too would have to eat their way through.

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