Thursday, December 13, 2012

Happy Santa Lucia Day!

I just love how special "festival days" are even if its just my family celebrating.  We had originally planned to have some friends over this afternoon to join in our celebration but seasonal illnesses seem to be going around our playgarden children.  So it was just me and the little ones today.

We made Santa Lucia Buns

Then we had a little tea party

Look how excited Eoghan is to eat his buns!

They are delicious!

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Kiera was more excited about her cinnamon milk and tea

Then we told a sweet little story about Santa Lucia and Saint Nicholas bringing food and gifts to the children hiding in the caves.  Loosely based on this story from my friend's blog.

Aren't our Santa Lucia and Saint Nicholas figures just precious?  We won them in a giveaway from The Magic Onions and Armadillo Dreams

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