Saturday, February 2, 2013

Candlemas Celebration

We had a lovely Candlemas Celebration at a friend's house today.  She made homemade waffles, while her teenage son whipped us up some homemade whipped cream accompanied with a beautiful fruit spread and real melted  hot chocolate.  The Mamas and one Papa dipped Beeswax candles while the children played and then she told the story of  "The Carrot" (In Wynstone Press's Spring Book) for the little ones, with the help of some of the older children using her beautiful hand sewn wool felt bunnies:

You can see more of her precious bunnies on her blog, Chocolate Fishies.  Hope everyone had a wonderful Candlemas too.


  1. I'm so sad we are sick and couldn't come down for this! It looks like it was a lovely time. I was looking forward to meeting you too!

  2. What a beautiful and sacred day. I love the blue misty panels on the sofa and wonder what they could be - gorgeous cushions? paintings? They make such a perfect backdrop for the bunny!

  3. Anna the blue panels were beautiful watercolor paintings, I am not sure if our hostess made them or her student's (She's a Waldorf Grades teacher). Either way they made such a lovely "set" for our play.