Thursday, November 1, 2012

This is Halloween!

Oh what a magical evening this Halloween was.  I took over 60 pictures but I will spare this blog post from having to upload all of them!

 This is the first year I have taken the little ones trick or treating.  We have been practicing all month, so they would understand what was going on and we meet with a group of friends that have mixed age children that were able to help guide them into the wonderful world of Halloween.

It really is such a blessing having friends with both older and younger children that we gather with weekly if not more.  The little ones learn so much from watching the older children and it gives the older ones time to be nurturing to the younger ones.  My friend and I were just discussing that today.  Her three year old son just started a 3 day a week program at our local Waldorf school, his class is comprised of children ranging in age from 3 to 6 years old.  He is one of the youngest in his class, and has had some problems playing with the older children, mostly wanting to be apart of what they do, but not having the same social skills that they do yet.  Its nice to see him come and play with the littler children where he gets to be the adored big kid.  You can here him mimic some of the language his teacher uses with him, we his behavior disrupts the older childrens' play in the classroom.

Eoghan the steampunk fairy, these are actually some of his favorite items to play with we just put them all on at once and came up with a steampunk fairy to explain our creation.  He actually kept the goggles and hat up until the last few houses.  I was impressed!

How cool is this old timey popcorn machine?  and the popcorn was delicious too!  This neighborhood really goes all out for Halloween and despite Hurricane Sandy they really did do it again this year too, albeit on a somewhat less grand scale.

The littles with Dr. Frankenstein's Bride

Kiera as a woodland fairy princess again just some dress up items we had around the house to create her costume, everyone loved all the felted and knit items though.

A dragon we encountered whilst trick or treating, who in real dragon fashion guarded his treasure very well, no candy was given unless the words, "Trick or Treat" were uttered.

This witch was great she would sit very still until a group of children gathered then slowly move one finger, once the children were feeling brave enough and start to reach for the candy she would jump out at them.

A little hedgehog baby we got to pet

Our friends in froof

Although I loved Courtney's make-up, she really is so talented, it was interesting to watch the kids interact with her.  They love Courtney and our families see each other at least once a week, they kept their distance from her while she had her make-up on.

Such a sweet older lady sitting out in her rocking chair handing out candy

Eoghan and Anelie being sweet together

I wish her pumpkin was clearer it was a beautifully carved Taj Mahal

I like that even though there are a few store bought decorations this neighborhood is always very festive and almost entirely homemade, and when a few store bought items work there way in it still has a beautiful magical feel.  The next block over from here is the most popular spot in the city for Trick or Treating but it is a little much for me, they have lazer light shows, DJ's,  tons of animatronic monsters etc etc, perhaps when the littles get older, but for now we will stick with our sweet little two blocks of handmade Halloween.

I loved the little pumpkin hanging lanterns.

Telling the kids the story of the Sugar Fairy

Our Sugar Fairy Surprise Made by Lucinda Macy and available in her Etsy shop Willodel.

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