Friday, November 2, 2012

Handwork for the Soul

Are they not just too sweet in their handknits? It truly does warm my soul to know my handwork is warming their little bodies as the weather turns colder this season.

I've always believed on a spiritual level, you create your reality, what you send out, what you focus on is what you receive etc etc, you see that thought in many world religions and philosophies and I think there is much truth to it. Because of this belief I feel it is very important for young children to see adults crafting and creating the things in their world, from simple meals, clothing, to
ys etc... Watching something transform into a beautiful useful handmade item is very exciting for small children and it gives them confidence that they too can create and an appreciation for the work it takes to craft things.

 The children’s
 Sprouts teacher was talking about Rudolph Steiner's thoughts on the importance of handwork. He believed children’s' souls do not entirely inhabit their bodies yet and people that work with small children's ether bodies are constantly being tugged upon by the children.  Thus Explaining why after spending a lot of time with little children older people tend to feel drained although they have not done much physical or mental work. Steiner believed handwork gave back and grounded the adults' spirits after being subjected to the tugging of small children all day.

 I have experienced this grounding and recharging without giving it much thought as to why I feel the need to knit or stitch at night after a full day with the littles, not only is it relaxing in an odd way it is invigorating.  I think having something tangible to show for your work at the end of the day is always good, and often times are work with children does not yield tangible results.  Pictured below are a few of this season's handwork:

A few Milo Vests I made this Season for Eoghan
Dresses, Mismatched Knee Sox and a Shawl for Kiera

Matching Milo and Plain Vest for Eoghan and Kiera
Purple Plain Vest for Kiera

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