Saturday, November 3, 2012

Windows into Waldorf

Our Local Waldorf School hosted its "Windows into Waldorf" open house today.  Although already a lover of Waldorf education,  the Littles attend the parent-child program and my teenager graduated from the school, all 4 of us attended, mostly for fun.  We spent most of our time in the early childhood classrooms, but not the one Sprouts, our parent-child program, is held so it was nice for the little ones to finally be able to get into the other kindergarten classrooms that they always try to visit when we are leaving our Sprouts program. 

I snapped a few pictures inside the classrooms trying not to be too disrubtive while on our tour:
Sweet little table with treeblocks and some Ostheimer trees

Pumpkin Nature Table

This bin full of dried beans was really very popular!

One of the kindergarten teachers lead us on a very fun pumpkin themed obstacle course, this was one of the "bushes" the children had to climb under, there was a balance beam and some playsilks that made a pond they had to cross too.

The children's plates and bowls are labeled with their own symbols, the children set their places for lunch with place mats, cloth napkins and their own plates and cups.

You can tell this needle felted family is well loved

I love these little mushrooms, one of these days I'll own a few!

One of the chalkboards in the upper grades classroom

This one is used to teach place value by telling the story of the maiden picking apples in the Kingdom's Orchard.  Her apron hold 9 apples, the baskets hold 10, the wagon holds 10 baskets, the store house holds 10 wagons and the castle house 10 storehouses.  We did a problem that came up with 52,436 apples!  I would say the kingdom had a good harvest!

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