Saturday, December 22, 2012

Our Family Yule Celebration

We opened our solstice presents this morning, even with only 5 presents each to open, I think it might have been a little too much.  The first present both of them chose to open was a little tin of beexwax crayons, perhaps because they were in gift bags instead of wrapped up in silks, but as soon as they opened their crayons they were done, they were ready to color and seemed unconcerned with the rest of the presents on the table.   After a short break to play with our crayons they were ready to see what was in the rest of the packages.  

Seashells!  Which have been used as both phones and dishes so far this morning.

Wrapped up in her mama made blanket

Hello? Ocean can you hear me?

Then we gathered with friends for a walk around our spiral and a great Yule feast.

The center candle that will light each of our candles as the light grows stronger and stronger.

Our little spiral that I braved really scary spiders to build!

A quick photo of our lanterns left in the spiral.

One of our friends made these beautiful cloaks for all the children in our playgarden, I wish I had a better camera to take photographs at night, the children looked so sweet all wrapped up in their matching cloaks so lovingly crafted for them carrying their lanterns in the beautiful starry night.

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