Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Night Before....

We celebrate Winter Solstice/Yule in our home and spend Christmas with extended family.  The night before our big celebration I finished up a doll I made for a dear friend of ours.  She is a bit of a collaboration.  I made the doll and her mother is sewing her clothes.  I think she turned out so sweet, I cannot wait until she is introduced to little Anelie.

After the littles went to bed I set up a wooden tree on their table and put their gits underneath of it.  We opted not to put up a real tree this year, I thought with a 2 year old and 1 year old it would be more of a hazard/hassle than it would be worth but am looking forward to the smell of pine needles in our home again next year.  I found the little wooden tree unfinished at our local craft store for $5.  I just watercolored it and sealed it with beeswax, I think it turned out quite lovely.

I also finished building our spiral for our Solstice Celebration with our friends on Saturday, but it was too dark to take any pictures, I'll post some before our actual celebration. 

Tomorrow when I wake up I will fill the house with candle light then wake the little ones up, we will open their presents, have a special breakfast of suncakes, followed by a little crafting of treats for our woodland friends, then take a nice walk in the woods to distribute them.    I hope everyone has a beautiful solstice!  I feel like a child again,  up way past by bedtime in anticiaption of our speical day tomorrow.

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