Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Rhythm seems to be the most important element in a Waldorf home, yet also the most elusive element.  We live in such a hurried busy little world that sometimes its simply too easy to get sucked into the hustle and bustle.

We have some aspects of our rhythm down. Our day usually goes a little something like this:

Wake up
Make beds, change out sheets as needed (which is usually every time the little ones go to sleep thank to cloth diapers).
Go to the front door, say our weather verse, talk briefly about the weather.
Head to the kitchen to cook our porridge (we try to do Steiner's grain a day) the children help measure and pour the water into the pot.
put away the laundry left from last nights final load sometimes they help sometimes they play,
Set the table, light the candle, say our blessing eat breakfast, clear the table and let the children was the dishes.
Gather for circle time
freeplay indoors or outdoors depending on the weather
prepare lunch, set table, light candle, say verse, eat lunch, clear table, do dishes
free play or daily activities either errands or meeting friends at the park, painting, baking etc...
prepare dinner, set table, light candle, say verse, eat dinner, clear table, do dishes
bath time
storytime (we do a little puppet play instead of reading books).
sing twinkle twinkle little star as we head to bed, say our goodnight verse.
Mom's "freetime" for the rest of the night.

We don't actually have times that all of this takes place just a sequence, so if we sleep in or something runs late it does not throw off our day.

I would like to get better about having a routine dinner meal plan I like the idea of having a soup day, a homemade pizza day, a casserole day etc, not so we eat the same 7 dishes every week, but so we have some guidelines,  Tuesday might be soup day, but think of all the wonderful soups you can make if you make a new one each week, It could be especially fun in the warmer months experimenting with cold soups. I had a lovely watermelon mint soup a few years ago that was just perfect!

I would love to hear more about your rhythms or any suggestions.

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